Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 Movies for Sunday!

I have enjoyed each of these three movies for different reasons.

1. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)
 My favorite scene is this:

Oh... it never ceases to be funny!
Ryan Gosling always plays really well, but in this one, his acting is combined with incredibly stylish looks, so the final result is perfect!

2. The Story of Us (1999)

Well, what can I say about Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis?

3. Last Night (2010)
Ok, I would prefer this one to be more fast-paced at some points, but it's interesting and it has a nice "new-york-y" atmosphere.

 Sunday movie-thon anyone?


  1. Interesting choices!
    I haven't seen Last Night or Crazy Stupid Love but I think Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer are great as the couple who's marriage is on the rocks in The Story Of Us.
    Director Rob Reiner also directed When Harry Met Sally and Katie and Ben Jordan kind of remind me of Harry and Sally 15 years on.
    I definitely think it's time I watched The Story of Us again!

    1. I watched on TV by chance many years ago and it's been of my all-time favorites eversince! Willis and Pfeiffer were wonderful together! I never thought that they could be the future of Harry and Sally, but yes I can see it now!
      The other two movies are pretty good too!

  2. I love Crazy, Stupid Love! It seems as though everyone here is obsessed with Ryan Gosling, me included. ;)