Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

May Day is one of those holidays when a lot of people decide to head in the same direction and as a result they spend an unreasonable amount of time in their cars sweating and swearing as they watch police officers move their arms right and left but no cars moving.

Luckily, I saw the rows of stopped cars as I was driving in the opposite direction, moving freely in my lane! I refrained myself from yelling "Good day suckaaaaz" and kept going. Destination: downtown! The sun was shining and this was one of the songs that came up on the radio:

Nice lunch with my boyfriend at our favorite restaurant and then a walk by the lake (where else?) :

then, an iced cappuccino:

We had a great time!
Hope you did, too!

Have a nice month!!


  1. Your lake walk was beautiful....Happy May Day!

  2. Stunning pictures, especially the first two!

  3. Greece is breathtaking!

    And that iced cappuccino doesn't look bad either. :p


    1. Thank you! The natural beauty of the country is a good way to take our minds off of all the problems we're facing.