Friday, May 25, 2012

New York City

I tend to celebrate the first weeks of the end of the school year doing what I can't do during the school year! Watching all the stuff I wanted to without falling asleep 10 minutes after they've started! This week I'm spending time on Ringer, a great show by CWTV starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I've only got four episodes left and I can't really see why it won't be continued next fall. Each episode is so full of suspense and there are twists and turns in the plot all the time! I've become addicted to it. Anyway, the fact that it's just one season long makes it more convenient for me because I'll proceed to something new next week!

The plot unfolds in New York and seeing various locations of the city reminded me of the one week we spent there last December. So, although I've already done a post with pictures we took of Manhattan, I'll post some more today.

we didn't "have what she's having"

the crowds... so tiring walking among so many people

Rockefeller center: the ice rink wasn't open when we got there!

Central Park

Strawberry Fields


walking to the Guggenheim Museum

Lady Liberty from Brooklyn Bridge; the sky was on fire!

oh the crowds... Times Square was crazy

the building featured on FRIENDS
Good times!


  1. What an amazing place isn't it......

  2. Wonderful photographs, I'm especially jealous that you've visited Katz's deli.
    Is it true that there's a sign over the table where Meg Ryan performed her famous moment?

    1. I hadn't noticed it up until now, but you can see it in my picture if you zoom in. It's that round thing hanging from the ceiling! Thanks for telling me!

  3. I can see the white circular sign now I've clicked on the picture.....
    So it is true!

  4. Replies
    1. I know! But you should be there as well! We had such a good time with you guys!

    2. It's your turn to come to Greece now! :)

    3. It's your turn to come to Greece now!