Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Kennedys mini-series (2011)

This had been on my "to-watch" list since last year and I finally got round to watching it today. A lazy Sunday is always ideal for 8 episodes in a row! I'm such a couchpotato!

History-wise, I only know the basics about John F. Kennedy and since I'm not American, I'd like to believe that I'm quite the objective viewer. After two or three episodes I paused and read this review which was helpful. I don't know how accurate the mini series is or why it was rejected by quite a few networks but I found it very interesting and I "devoured" it.

loved the '50s-'60s atmosphere

Tom Wilkinson was great as Joe Kennedy; quite intimidating. A quote of his that stood out:
 “Wives don’t expect fidelity, but they don’t want infidelity thrown in their faces… Above all, make sure the girls are discreet.” No comment.

 Greg Kinnear and Barry Pepper didn't let me down either. They made their characters very likeable.
President Kennedy (Kinnear) having left in the middle of a White House concert to watch a movie (I see where he's coming from!)

 Now, about Katie Holmes... Every time I see her, I see Joey Potter. She almost convinced me as Jackie Kennedy although there were moments when I think she was putting too much effort into her accent.
at least her outfits were fantastic in every scene!

 As happened with the Iron Lady some months ago, this was one of the movies that made me want to find out more about important historical figures.

Did anyone else spend their Sunday movie-binging?


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    1. Mad Men is a show I need to start watching. i only hear praise about it so I think I will love it!

  2. Thanks for the comment on leblog! I'm so glad you enjoy it and have a passion for France like me. These days I binge almost every day on TV series (especially period pieces).

    1. Well thanks in return for stopping by my blog or should I say "Merci beaucoup"? :)

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