Monday, July 2, 2012

5 Chick-Flicks to Kick Off July

"Would my boyfriend ever pick that movie of his own free will?" If the answer is a loud and clear, no-thinking-twice NO then you're in the chick-flick area which happens to be my "movie comfort food" or "comfort food for the eyes".

The past few days I watched five of them (3 in a row on Sunday---I love work-free Sundays!). Here they are in a top-5 list (number 5 being the worst-in my humble opinion).

5. One For The Money (2012)-the action chick-flick

aka The Bounty Hunter. Oops sorry, that's a different movie. It came out in 2010. I like Katherine Heigl a lot but playing a role that has already been played (by Gerald Butler) is bizarre (to say the least). It was boring and I was browsing the web at the same time.

4. What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012)-the comedy chick-flick

Just watched it at the movie theater. I laughed a lot but I got a little bored at the same time. It was fun to see five women dealing with their pregnancies in different ways. I felt it was lagging towards the end though. I remember enjoying The Back-Up Plan (2010) a little more.

3. I Don't Know How She Does It (2011)-the feel good chick-flick

This one was the perfect choice for a Saturday night at home. I got absorbed watching it and it was kind of fun seeing Greg Kinnear play a dad just after seeing him play JFK. Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the actresses I like. She's the right person for this kind of movies! Loved the part where she tried to make a store-bought pie look like a home made one!

2. Heartburn (1986)-the sad chick-flick

This would be number 1, but it was a little depressing. I must admit I heard all about it when Nora Ephron passed. I've seen most of her work but this one had escaped me. What can I say about the killer duo? Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson! Also, pure original '80s style, fashion, music! What a hidden gem!

1. Wanderlust (2012)-the really funny chick-flick

I laughed so much and I enjoyed the way this movie subtly (or not so subtly) mocked both extremes: the overworked capitalist and the pretentious hippie. It's number 1 here because it was highly entertaining despite Paul Rudd (he's not my type, but Parks and Recreation helped me get used to his style). Perfect for a summer night!


P.S: Lesya did a great collective post titled Paris in Genres over at Eternity of Dream. I took part too and I'm really glad about it! We all sent short pieces on movies that take place in Paris. Go take a look!


  1. Hi There!!!

    Fantastic to get some recommendations for movies and
    I will have a look out for the ones you mentioned,
    especially the Jessica Parker movie
    and the one with Meryl and Jack.

    I watched Captain Correlli's Mandolin the other night and loved it, a real tear jerker - old but good.

    Also love love love Gerard Butler in anything!!!

    Happy movie watching my friend and thanks for a great post.

    x Fiona

    1. Thank you! I've seen part of Captain Correlli's Mandolin so I need to watch the whole thing! Gerald Butler always looks great and I loved seeing him as Leonidas in 300. ;)
      Have a good day!

  2. I want to watch all of these, especially what to expect...must get on and do it. Went to see Prometheus at the weekend, it was AWESOME...have to tell Fiona that I actually saw Gerard Butler in a bad film, so bad I had to switch it off, it was called Coriolanus and was an arty farty modern retelling of the Shakespeare hurt my eyes and I had to admit defeat (which I very rarely do!) NOT watch it :o) xxx

    1. Haha! I love the term "arty-farty" haha! I just call them pretentious! Haha! Thanks for enriching my vocabulary! I guess you're the right person to tell us if What to Expect is realistic enough! After seeing the Avengers on 3D I decided that it would be some time before I watched a science-fiction, fantasy etc., so Prometheus got off the list!

  3. A great selection of films here. I really enjoyed 'I don't know how she does it' and I am looking forward to seeing 'Wanderlust' It was a lovely surprise to see that you are my newest follower - thank you! You have a lovely, varied blog and I'm delighted to be following you too!

    1. Welcome to the blog and thank you for all your kind words! ;)

  4. It's refreshing to meet someone who likes Katherine Heigl. I understand why some people can be annoyed (because she stars mostly in romcoms) but I totally don't get the massive hatred and disdain towards her. Her smiling face looks very good on screen and makes you wanna smile as well :)

    I'm not a fan of chick flicks now, but I used to be one. However, I still allow myself to watch something of the kind. And I definitely want to check out Wanderlust and Heartburn (Meryl is in it! it equals 'must-see' for me).

    And thank you for the plug. I'm happy to know that you enjoyed it!

    1. Yes, I find K. Heigl extremely sweet and I think she's made for chick-flicks, just like SJ Parker and J. Aniston. You will probably like Heartburn and Wanderlust is very funny.
      See you around! :)

  5. These look like great choices.....right now George and Jerry are swarming my feet......little stinkers!
    I can't remember do you have pets?

    1. No, I don't have any pets myself but my mom has cats and one of them gave birth to a very cute kitten some weeks ago. My sister and I can't decide on the name. We're between Emerson and ... Vigilante (hahaha).

  6. Just rented "The Help" on dvd to watch with heartbroken daughter tonight.

    Will let you know,
    bought box of tissues too!!!

    Can't believe what Emma said above
    about Mr. Butler!!!!

    1. Have fun with your daughter Fiona and I hope she will feel better! I want to watch it too, but I thought that maybe I should read the book first... I don't think I'll resist much longer, though!

      Have a great evening! ;)

  7. Oh my goodness, you made key lime is it?? Nom, nom,

    Fiona came to visit me so I don't think she hates me too much for saying that about Gerard...that Coriolanus film is bad though...I'm not kidding...Enjoy your pie...xxxx

  8. I confess. I haven't seen any of these. Thanks for the list.

  9. Great movies. My fav is Wanderlust.

  10. Oh Sexta-Feira,

    The Help was terrible.

    I read the book and it was great
    but wasn't impressed with the movie!!!

    Still looking for something good to watch!


    1. The last time I laughed my heart out at the movies was with The Intouchables (2011) some months ago. The last time I absolutely loved a movie because it was so quirky and different was with This Must Be the Place (2011). The reviews are all bad about the latter, but I enjoyed Sean Penn so much!