Friday, July 13, 2012

Green Day 4

Good morning everyone!
It's already Friday and it's time for a green picture!

I've saved this one to use today; it's from our trip to the beach last Sunday:

Bella Vraka beach, Syvota, Greece
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Enjoy the day!


  1. There we get to see something beautiful again from Greece, looks like a quiet, hidden place. Have a nice weekend. Austria is rainy and windy....

  2. Beautiful picture you show. Wishing you a good day / good weekend :)

  3. Ein sehr idyllisches Fleckchen Erde, gefällt mir gut...

    Lieben Gruß

  4. Wow Sexta-feira that is a wonderful scene
    it is like a picture postcard.

    Lucky you to be able to visit the beach
    I live miles from the sea :(

    Have a lovely weekend my friend and thanks so much
    once agin for linking up to Green Day.

    x Fiona

    ps can you guess the weather this morning here in Ireland?!!!

  5. Oh my! Greece and all the islands are close to my heart, my husband and I have made several trips to Rhodes and Crete. I love the scenery and atmosphere, and of course the lovely people. Thanks for sharing this photo!

  6. Greece, I alwuas say, is my favorite place I've never been to... I want to go to Santorini. It's on my bucket list of things to do in this lifetime!

  7. Dearest Sexta-feira,
    Oh, your picture is SO clear and beautiful♡♡♡ I always wish to learn photography more, p;)
    I DO wish to be able to have a chance to visit your beautiful country, my friend.
    I wonder how Greek sound to me, never heard of it; as I always wonder how Japanese sounds to foreign people.
    Lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  8. peaceful and serene. visiting from green day. :)

  9. Gorgeous pic of gorgeous Greece, you lucky thing. Enjoy your hot and sticky weekend and I'll try and enjoy my wet and cold one :o) xx

  10. Passei para uma visitinha.
    Suas fotografias são maravilhosas.
    Boa sexta-feira 13 com muita sorte e muitas alegrias.

  11. Wonderful landscape! Love nature and all that is green...and Blue...LOL

    xoxo, Yours,

  12. Sí, me encanta esta idílica foto, un lugar muy bonito.

  13. A few weeks sgo we were in Greece with the cruiseboat we were on. What a beautiful country

  14. Hi my dear friend, I really want to visit my grandma's beautiful country Greece so so much.. I will be retired on this november and after that, This is my first plan to visit Greece in pleasure..
    All best wishes....

  15. What a lovely place to visit - it looks very peaceful. And I love the colour of that water. :))

  16. A lovely beach, looks kind of secluded and exotic. Beautiful shot, thanks for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  17. One day, I would like to visit beautiful Greece. Your country is having some definite hardships right now.

  18. Love the water and the sailboats among the green trees. Thanks for visiting me.

  19. If it were not for family I would move to a beach in a heartbeat. Love this photo.

    Thanks for the visit to my green house.

  20. lovely

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  21. Gorgeous picture so sorry to hear of water shortage it is always the same too little in one place and too much in another. My daughter is on holidays in Greece and she has told me how hot it is. She is having such a great time.

  22. Thank you everyone for your kind words! Thanks Fiona for organizing another Green Day!
    Thank you Eileen and Encourage One Another for following the blog!
    Enjoy your weekend wherever you are!! ;)

  23. What a beautiful view and such a lovely photograph.